How does this affect me?

The changes we make will have different impacts on different people and groups, depending on their relationship with wai. Ultimately, the goal is to improve and protect freshwater for everyone and the environment.

If you are a farmer or grower, these changes might affect you in more than one way and we strongly encourage you to come to community events and give us feedback while options are still draft.

These changes are likely to impact many activities in the region. This includes any activity that takes and uses water from rivers, lakes, groundwater and wetlands; discharges into water and onto land; some land uses and practices; and structures and works within rivers, lakes and wetlands.

We acknowledge there is already a lot of change afoot due to new national regulations, and this is yet more. Farming and growing, municipal water supplies and industry have significant roles in creating a healthy environment, strong economy and vibrant communities in our region. Where change is needed, we encourage your involvement so that we can work through and identify pragmatic solutions.

Before our Councillors adopt changes and we notify a formal proposed plan change, we will complete a s.32 assessment – this includes an assessment of appropriateness, costs and benefits of the proposal and reasonable alternatives.